Design of petrochemical industrial buildings and plants

The Company has years of experience in the design of petrochemical industrial plants that includes: mechanical, civil, architecture, electrical, cathodic protection, instrumentation, telecom's, fire&gas detection, fire protection, safety at work ....Design of petrochemical industrial buildings and facilities

Systematically developed knowledge and experience acquired in the following areas of activity:

  • Installations for the production and processing of gas and oil stabilization and removal of salt, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide
  • Installations for the transport and storage of oil and gas, including the main pipelines and oil pipelines, pumping stations, compressor stations, storage facilities, underground gas storage and offshore platforms
  • Installations for the storage and transport of various product of refining crude oil, including reservoirs, unloading/loading stations, handling pumping stations for shipping or transportation of petroleum products, gas oil and liquefied petroleum gas
  • Gas distribution systems that include production pipelines, main and city gas network, reduction and metering and regulating stations, odorizing systems, bottling of gas cylinders for households, bottling industrial gases, compressed natural gas filling stations for various consumers
  • City gas distribution network
  • Water supply networks and sewage systems